JR Aboshi Station North Exit

This is the route by JR train from JR Himeji Station to JR Aboshi Station.

JR Himeji Station  →  JR Agaho  →  JR Harima Katsuhara  →  JR Aboshi Station

The local train absolutely stops at all stations, as for JR Aboshi Station, you can use “the Special Rapid Service” to get there as well.

People often get JR Aboshi Station and Sanyo Aboshi Station confused.
If you take the wrong one, Sanyo Aboshi Station, it’s 15 minutes away from my guest house by car and is a long distance if you try to walk.

I am happy to pick up all my guests with my car, if arriving by train to JR Aboshi Station.
Please just let me know your expected arrival time in advance.

Here is the time Table for JR train!← Link

This is a video for JR Aboshi Station North Exit.
Please meet me downstairs. Thank you!



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JR Aboshi Station North Exit

JR Himeji Station  →  JR Agaho  →  JR Harima Kat…

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